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Helsingborgs Dagblad 20180525 page 1

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From left counter clockwise: Tulsa (drums), Ulrika (keyboard), Stefan (bass), Sanna (guitar) and Frida (lead song and harmonica)

Interview (in Swedish) with Inger Frida. Click here >>



Chills started out in spring 2016 on initiative of Susanne Berglund Svensson (guitar) and Tulsa Jansson (drums). Today the band consist of Ulrika Skywell (keyboardist), Frida Nilsson Länsberg (song and harmonica) and Stefan Bolin (bass). We are based in Höganäs, in south west of Sweden. Höganäs being the epicenter of our gigs we slowly increase our domains. Previous gigs include support to Jill Johnsson in Ängelholm, HX Helsingborg Festival, Popcorn Tivoli Helsingborg, Rockbåten Helsingborg. Our first EP namned "Our True Selves" was released on Spotify 18th of May 2018.

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